Chess Helper - help you to win in online chess
Chess is a very interesting, yet difficult game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but one day you can reach some limit, which you unable to step over. And it is very important to find help in such situation.

If you feel like that, chess helper is exactly what you need. This program will allow you to step beyond your current limits, it will be your coach, your mentor, your advisor in the world of chess.

No, this is not just another post-game analysis tool. This is real-time calculator, which will guide you
during the game! Chess helper watch on the chessboard along with you, make analysis and provide you with advices on every next move.

Chess helper is powered with the chess engine called "Stockfish". That means you will be able to
win even against grandmasters in classic, rapid, blitz and bullet game on any popular chess websites -,,,, and many others.

However, you can download your own favourite chess engine and connect it with chess helper, for example: Leela, Houdini, Komodo, Rybka, etc.
ChessHelper show best move

Meet the ChessBotX

ChessBotX - helper, solver, analyzer and moves calculator. It is fast and strong program for blitz and bullet online chess. This tool has 2 separate modes: fully automatic and advisor.

In automatic mode program will
play the whole game by itself. This often used to test new engines, opening books or engines configurations. Besides, it is pretty mesmerizing to watch.

In the advisor mode program will
show you best moves on the screen. But it's up to you whether to follow these advices or not. This is the most awesome feature of the program! You can play crazy openings, test sharp lines, make cool sacrifices - the chess helper will always be near, ready to help.

Chess helper supports all popular UCI chess engines. You can use opening books and endgame tablebases with it. Also you can
configure any parameter provided by the engine through convinient interface.

Program supports Chess960 and other variants of chess (at lichess). Also, helper has cool voiceover feature, which can be used for "hand and brain" training - chess coach tells you the name of the piece which should be played, but doesn't tell the exact move, you should find it by yourself.

ChessBotX can
help you to learn chess. You can defeat any strong player with it. Eventually you'll start to remember openings, patterns and tactics, which will allow you to increase your own level.

And of course, you can use it
just for fun!
ChessBotX - the chess helper
Settings of chess helper
Chess helper show best move at
Chess helper for
Here is an example of how ChessBotX helps to play chess against Computer level 10 at website. As you can see program analyse position in real time, make calculation of the next move and show it on the screen. But you can play another move, helper will rescan chessboard and continue to work with the current position.

Important: you shoud have exactly the same board and pieces style. And it is better to disable moves animation.

And here is the video, where solver plays in fully automatic mode:
Chess helper for
Chess helper show best move at
Lichess is a popular online chess website with a lot of strong players. Chess helper has a full support of this website. Just use the same colors for chessboard as shown on screenshot. And again, it is strongly recommended to turn off animations.

Here is awesome video of chess solver playing ultrabullet (15 seconds game) without the queen:
Chess helper for other websites
ChessBotX can help you to win on many popular websites, such as:,,,,,,,,,,,,, facebook chess apps and others.

However, please note that this program is for Windows only. It will not work on Android or IPhone. For MacOS you can try to use virtual machine such as Parallels.
Chess helper show best move at
Chess helper show best move at
This chess calculator can be used even for solving puzzles. It is especially cool to watch, when program playing Puzzle Rush.

Check this out!
Chess helper - ideal choice for you if:
You want to learn chess
You want to improve your chess level
You need help, while playing chess online
You need strong calculator of the next move
You want analyse position during the current game
You're bored and want to have some fun in a chess way
ChessBotX - calculator, helper, solver


1. Download RAR-archive with the program, unpack it on the desktop.

2. Run program as administrator.

3. Open your favourite chess website, make sure that chessboard is fully visible.

4. Press
button. Also you can use hotkeys.

If chess helper doesn't work or you need help with setup - send message to support:
[ChessHelper.rar - Windows - 5.4mb] check