Chess Bot
Chess-bot is the program, which helps you to play on chess websites like,,, and others.

Program has two modes: automatic and advisor. In automatic mode bot plays by itself  and in advisor mode bot only shows you the best moves, but you play manually, so you can make premoves, make intentional mistakes, make your own moves and manage time by yourself.

It is much harder to detect bot in advisor mode than in standard one. At this moment advisor mode is available for 2 websites: and

Read more about advisor on official website:


- support for every popular chess websites
- support for any UCI engine
- configurable engine options
- configurable delays
- own books + support for .bin, .ctg and other external books via aquarium adapter
- advisor mode for and
- "continue from position" feature
- "floating depth" feature
- battle mode
- lichess variants support (including crazyhouse)
- human moves simulation
ChessBotX 1.4.8 - Windows - 2 MB
Last update: 10 march 2019
Platform: Windows
Shareware; Trial version available

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