This is a home place for automation bots, tools and programs for games. Here you can find farming bots for MMORPG's, auto bots for classic games or websites, useful tools and utilities.

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Latest bots
KrBot - KingsRoad farming bot
Farming bot for KingsRoad browser mmorpg game.

+ gold farming
+ xp farming
+ jewels farming
+ sell loot
+ open lockboxes
+ auto restart
Chess bot is a program which helps you to play on chess websites like lichess.org, chess.com, chesscube.com, flyordie.com and many others.
DCHelper - Dragon City bot
Small program, which will take care of your dragon city at night while you asleep or at day while you at work.

+ auto zoom
+ auto moving
+ auto collect gold
+ auto closing popups
RABot - Royal Arena bot
Auto bot for Royal Arena game on facebook.

Will be available soon.